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     Frequently Asked Questions 
     How long has "Tensador II" been available?
    The first machine was sold in 2000. At that time only the standard machine was available (staple on the sides).  back to top

     What if I require parts?
    If needed you can contact the source you purchased the "Tensador II" from or contact us direct US phone 877-909-5240 or email.  back to top

     What was Tensador I?
    Sorry no Tensador I. "Tensador II" has two ways you can staple canvas to bars on the side or back. Original owners can purchase up grades to add gallery wrap feature if that feature was not purchased originally. So if you purchased a "Tensador II" that only allows staples on the sides you can purchase the gallery wrap feature later.   back to top

     Can I purchase "Tensador II" direct?
    Yes. Outside the US we only sell through distribution or direct.   back to top

     Can I finish corners on the machine?
    When stapling on the sides of bars the canvas is fully finish when removed from the machine. If stapling on the back the gift-wrap corner can be fully finished on the machine. In the case of squared corners on gallery wrap the best results are obtained using the combination of machine and off machine finishing.  back to top

     Are adjustments required when changing canvas sizes?
    No, you can change from an 11" x 14" canvas to 30" x 40" with out any adjustments.  back to top

     Will the finish of Giclee canvas be damaged?
    No, the image remains visible during the entire process, even the finishing of corners.   back to top

     How fast can a canvas be stretched?
    Operator skill, canvas size and material all determine time required. But a 20" x 30" canvas should require 2 - 3 minutes with gift-wrap corners. Squared corners depend to a great part operator skill.   back to top

     Can canvas loosen after it is stretched?
    Yes, when you over stretch canvas undue strain is placed on the fabric. When over stretched the fabric breaks down and responds radically to changes in humidity and temperature. The "Tensador II" prevents over stretching by balancing tension across the entire area of the canvas. We are stretching canvas not manufacturing drums.   back to top

    Tensador II - Proudly Made In The USA

    Tensador II
    700 John Rodes Blvd. Unit A10 -
    Melbourne, Florida 32904
    Phone: 877-909-5240

    Updated November 02, 2015

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